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Deep Roots V

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Deep Roots V - the troutdale poetry experiment

A twenty-two song effort. In our fifth year we updated our web site,
threw a blowout of a CD release party, and created this great addition

to the Deep Roots collection.

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Not About The Fur

Catherine Etheredge

Dev Camp and Nancy Hess

2 Helen Hayley Eiden The Countrypolitans
3 A Picture Lacy Kilty James Low
4 Growing Up Locky Samountry Funk Shui
5 Monkey Will Inglehart Caleb Klauder
6 No More Rhymes Misty Blachly Carmina Prirhana
7 Screaming Joel Gorder Purusa
8 Snow Tyrone Willard Breanna Paletta
9 Waited Ben Jordan Kevin Hahn
10 Insomnia Brandon Bonner Tecumseh Valley
11 Walking Away Kailina Laureta Kathy Walker Band
12 Ignorance Tibby Bec Andrea Steward
13 Last Chance Katie McIntosh The Wimsy Stevens


Feliz Debra Flores Amelia
15 Mr. Green Rachelle Coe Bunco Kelly
16 Jefecito Oliver Perez Spigot
17 Sail the Calm Sea Chris Williams Jen Bernard w/ Lara Michell
18 Thought You Should Know Joe Quijada Sugarbang
19 Senior Year Jesse Forsgren Hidden Agenda
20 Chronic Procrastination Nate Hellman Bunco Kelly
21 Got To Go V.G. Blake Sakamoto
22 Listening Dan Shank Jane Wright

Copyright 2002 Troutdale Poetry Experiment
all songs are copyrighted by the lyricists and musicians who composed them


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