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Deep Roots 7

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Deep Roots 7 - the troutdale poetry experiment

This is a CD we know you'll love.  Deep Roots 7 features a variety
of great music from several familiar faces and some new kids
on the block.  Be the first on your street to own one.

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Track Title Lyrics by: Performed by:
1 Espanol and English Juan De La Cruz Rubberneck
2 Fool's Gold Nathan Harrison Geoff Byrd
3 Step On Me Anna Fenton Jonah
4 The House Always Wins Jesse Walvoord Brian Berg
5 Morning Glory Rhiannon Hurlbut Stephen Ashbrook
6 Moving On Rachel Ames Charmparticles
7 Bye-Bye Butterfly Topher Goddard The Wimsy Stevens
8 Basketball Chris Galloway Dr. Theopolis
9 Your Twisted Mind Tessa Nielsen UHF
10 I Smiled Ashley Griffin Bart Ferguson
11 Vines (Clockwork Backwards) Brent Bennett Carmina Luna
12 Smiles Jess Smith Dave Coey and The Tremor Guild
13 Paralyzed Cassandra Stemler Dylan Thomas Vance
14 Sunset Jerid Wallace My Regrets
15 The Big Mistake Brad Brown Fifth Column
16 My Sanity Mai Lor Rob Daiker
17 In The Zone Ryan Lusch Chris Mayther Band
18 You Ditched Me Kaitlin Buel Kathy Walker and the Upshots
19 You Haven't Called Yet Amanda Edmonds Funk Shui
20 Running Away Nicholle Plummer Breanna Paletta
21 Empty Inside Kim Tasner far from home

Copyright 2004 Troutdale Poetry Experiment
All songs are copyrighted by the lyricists and musicians who composed them
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