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Deep Roots 6

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Deep Roots 6 - the troutdale poetry experiment

We're really excited about this one.   When you put it in your stereo,
you'll be blown away by 21 great songs. Deep Roots 6 sports a really
cool cover, showing off 19 awesome paintings by Reynolds artists.

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Track Title Lyrics by: Performed by:
1 Marvel Michael Pettis Bart Ferguson
2 Left To Write Jordan Robinson Dr. Theopolis
3 Daisy Chain Andrew Barrick a.c. cotton
4 Brother Heather Smith The Kathy Walker Band
5 Believing In Tomorrow Baron Lorang Colorfield 
6 Vision Katie Curtis Rob Hotchkiss 
7 Grow Up Jessie Hix The Wimsy Stevens
8 Untouchable Jessie Taylor Mike and Jill Coykendall 
9 One Soul Jeremy Grahn Geoff Byrd
10 False Reality Kimberly Renee Joli THE RED SECTOR
11 Fade Away Jair Taylor Scott Fisher
12 Popcorn Ceiling Valerie Lines Purusa
13 Fading Palms Bethe Smith Seth Samuels
14 Donít Use Me Too Much Ciera Bradley Embra
15 Peppermint Tea Nicole Murren Sattie Clark
16 Barely Scraping By Elise Brown Cornbred
17 Weeping Willows Margo Moore Breanna Paletta
18 Iíll Always See The Rain Josh Wood Vapor Lock
19 Empty Tears Jenny Zitek Reign of Glass
20 I Gotta Know Christina Green Blake Sakamoto w/ Sass Jordan
21 Wait For You Billy Lusthoff Jane Wright

Copyright © 2003 Troutdale Poetry Experiment
All songs are copyrighted by the lyricists and musicians who composed them
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