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Deep Roots II

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Deep Roots II - the troutdale poetry experiment

Our second CD featured 19 songs and had a sixteen-page booklet
featuring lyrics and photos of each one of the lyricists.  Year two
was the first for our web site and the same year "Soul Prints" literary
magazine was first published at Reynolds.

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Track Title Lyrics by: Performed by:
1 A Hole Dug Too Deep D'arcy Ruiz Jane Wright
2 Party Girl Christina Booth Kerosene Dream
3 Middle School Tawnya Brammer McKinley
4 The New Savior Conor Gilles Andy Tabb/Jane Wright/Jen Bernard
5 Lazy Boy Pete "the Count" Hachulla Kim Stafford
6 Junk In My Pocket Caleb Rosenau Mad Hattie


Standing at the Edge
of a Small Town
Ken Howard Deb Talan
8 If Luke Lukacik John Henry Bourke
9 Rocket Andrei Slatineanu Sattie Clark
10 Dust You Off Levi Parsley Jen Bernard
11 Lonely Mike Gallagher Kimberli Ransom
12 A Father's Bond Danielle Kersey Kim Stafford
13 Tick Tock Joe Mosso Lara Michell
14 Lifetime of Change Michelle Hutton Tom Grant
15 Eyes Elicia Thurman Steve Michael Smith
16 Anymore Kristin Zirk Nancy Hess
17 Paintbrush Kevin Layton Kim Stafford
18 Give Me Your Help Otis Jermaine Gulley Geoffrey Scott Byrd


Now I Have Come Home Tammy Keller Mary Kadderly w/ Nancy King
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