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Deep Roots 4

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Deep Roots 4 - the troutdale poetry experiment

Year four and students rock the house at a packed CD release party.
At the time of its release, the twenty-one songs are the most ever on

a Deep Roots CD.

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Track Title Lyrics by: Performed by:
1 Heartless Freeway David Gray a.c. cotton
2 Tick Tock Shyree Mezick Baseboard Heaters
3 I'd Grab Your Shirt Maria Dumitrescu Ezra Holbrook
4 Breakfast and Goodbye Della Howard Blake Sakamoto
5 Lost Falon Ward Mel Brown
6 Kitchen of Frustration Emily Tyler Jerry Joseph
7 Teen Life Kyle Ordway The Bella Fayes
8 Token Crisis Raishawn Kairuz Geoff Byrd
9 Mankind Frank Heidrick Jeff Trott
10 Love at First Sight Israel Rojas Sanchez Sideproject
11 Momma Jeff Schnick Nicole Sangsuree Barrett
12 Alone Ben Gilham Bill Wadhams
13 My Coming of Age Ashley Harrison Blake Sakamoto


Save Me Now Anya Keyes Keith Schreiner
15 Little Pieces of You Erin Flattery Jane Wright
16 I Want Sound Breanna Paletta The American Girls
17 Hamster Speedway Sara Mayhew Coyote
18 Smell Is A Crime Adam Felkins Luther Russell and Fred Trujillo
19 You Weren't There Joscelyn Cook Joscelyn Cook
20 Are We Ready? Julia Randolph Michael Conner
21 Beyond Confused Bruce Burgess Jeff Trott
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