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Deep Roots 8

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Deep Roots 8 - the troutdale poetry experiment

Deep Roots 8 is a rocking mix of 18 great songs. Many musicians from past Deep Roots CDs returned to volunteer on this one. The insert and tray card are filled with great artwork contributed by Reynolds students.

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Track Title Lyrics by: Performed by:
1 Cellar Door Spencer Peltonen UHF
2 Pi Jared Nishikawa Geoff Byrd and Josh Millman
3 Hold On My Sad Little Robot Ciara Grande The Bella Fayes
4 Lifted Jenell Davis Dr. Theopolis
5 Social Suicide Christina Parrish Kathy Walker and the UpShots
6 I Ache Demiesa Smith Dirty Martini
7 Tears Of Heaven Chris Armstrong Kerosene Dream
8 Summer Come Around John Varney Mike Coykendall
9 Wicked Flows Amista Lombardino Rob Hotchkiss
10 Take A Chance Randy Haggard Riff Merchants
11 Spoken By Rights Tyler Brown Rye Hollow
12 Just Another Day Courtney Prehn Kris Kirkman
13 Smarter Ashley Robirds Rubberneck
14 We'll Be Just Fine Rachael Levy The Medicine Show
15 Three Brothers Corey Watts Joe Cunningham
16 Always Right There Geoff Pursinger Jennifer Lynn and Todd Powers
17 Just Like The Bottle Candice Smith The Clontarf Ramblers
18 Beautiful Brokenness (for Ben) Rachael Jordan Nicole Campbell

Copyright 2005 Troutdale Poetry Experiment
All songs are copyrighted by the lyricists and musicians who composed them
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