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Deep Roots 9

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Deep Roots 9 - the troutdale poetry experiment

Deep Roots 9 is the first Deep Roots CD produced under the leadership of new Reynolds site director Shannon McCarl. The first two songs are performed by Reynolds graduates and past Deep Roots participants Ezekiel Goodrick and Breanna Paletta.

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Track Title Lyrics by: Performed by:
1 Runaway Stephanie Anderson Ezekiel Goodrick
2 Punishment for the Innocent Nicole Ward Breanna Paletta
3 Radio Waves Sami Walker Ryan Andrews
4 Divine Silence Jeff Aquino Stephanie Schneiderman
5 Silence Linda Doan Kevin Hahn and Jason Fellman
6 Fallen Angel Tori Blake Jenn Dashney
7 Change the World Jessica Ayers Tom Grant
8 Routine Jessica LaChausse Bart Ferguson
9 Playing Halo Christian Pulsipher Rob Stroup
10 Again Angela Baird Colorfield
11 Breathe Nagisa Day John Henry Bourke
12 Why Kayla Sarginson The Neutrals
13 I Got a Chinchilla Markus Gilham Bodacious
14 She Falls Katie Luther Chris Mayther
15 We're All the Same Shawn Justus Julia Anne McCarl
16 Anybody Me Thomas Myers Kris Kirkman
17 Finding Me Megan Aust Zach Hinkelman
18 Nucifera Nicholas Hill Dave Rummans
19 Grizzly and the Man Ivan Lescanec Dave Fleschner
20 Freedom Deiner Tindall Marisa Anderson

Copyright 2006 Troutdale Poetry Experiment
All songs are copyrighted by the lyricists and musicians who composed them
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