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Deep Roots 5...and a half

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Deep Roots 5...and a half - the troutdale poetry experiment

In 2002, we had so many local musicians volunteer their time, we
had to make a second CD.  On it we feature four more great songs,
and some fantastic spoken word poetry.

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Track Title Lyrics & Poetry by:    Performed by:
1 Rusted Over Eric Taylor Sugarbang
2 To The Moon And Back Kendra Harmon Kendra Harmon w/ Kevin Russell
3 What? Aaron McCoy Aaron McCoy w/ Kevin Hahn
4 Some Grains of Sand Kendra Harmon Uhn
5 Never Moving Cristin O'Rourke Cristin O'Rourke w/ Kevin Russell
6 You and Me Dan Miller Dan Miller w/ Kevin Russell
7 Hey Man Eric Taylor Eric Taylor w/ Kevin Russell
8 Rhapsody Jose Guadarrama Blake Sakamoto
9 Don't Lose Heart Tibby Bec Tibby Bec w/ Kevin Russell
10 Missing You Stephanie Jennings Stephanie Jennings w/ Kevin Russell
11 Tobacco Jason Loud Jason Loud w/ Kevin Russell
12 Deteriorating Away Carol Butterfield Docile
13 Who Will Go? Josh Sharp Josh Sharp w/ Kevin Russell


Sam Misty Blachly Misty Blachly w/ Kevin Russell
15 Humanity Eddie Harrison Blake Sakamoto and Jimi Campbell

Copyright 2002 Troutdale Poetry Experiment
all songs are copyrighted by the lyricists and musicians who composed them

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