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Deep Roots vol. 1

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Deep Roots - the troutdale poetry experiment vol.1

The original compact disc released in 1998.

"This album is dedicated to the young people of the world, who
have so much to say, and to all who take the time to listen" -anon

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Track Title Lyrics by: Performed by:
1 Paper Doll Shannon Lemly Kimberli Ransom
2 Stuck Ryan Salisbury Seth Samuels and Dan Balmer
3 Get Out of It Krissy Caba Mary Kadderly and Nancy King
4 Downtown Haley Percy Trick Ponies
5 It's My Youth Jesse Altig Andy Tabb
6 We'll All Have to Pay Ilia Spitzer Newel Briggs
7 Misty/Golden Souls Renato Caranto Jr. R. Caranto Jr. and Ezekiel Goodrick
8 The Old Man Joe Sova Danny East
9 Queen Lauren Tonn Anthony Jamesbarry
10 Working Ideals Nate Strande Nate Strande and David Fleschner
11 Woman in Blue Lanna Carey John de Andrade and Megan Williams
12 Sometimes Tim Doolan Newel Briggs and David Fleschner
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