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Deep Roots 3

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Deep Roots 3 - the troutdale poetry experiment

Year three and the project was still going strong.  Students were treated
to a two-week songwriting workshop and their project was featured in
local news stories on radio and television, and in area newspapers.

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Track Title Lyrics by: Performed by:
1 Shaggyman Jeff Felkins Luther Russell
2 Poor Pitiful She Ryan Monroe Stephanie Schneiderman
3 Best Friend Marci Garnes Warren Pash
4 Every Smile Jami Collar Pete Krebs
5 Opened Eyes Alana Moore Geoff Byrd
6 Only Down the Street Erika Matthews Erika Matthews w/ the Way Milky Quintet
7 Diseased Josh Durham Nicole Campbell
8 Always Reminded Rochelle Mayo Fernando
9 Give Me Wings Dan Lloyd Steve Yang
10 The System Cliff Strickland Cliff Strickland w/ the Way Milky Quintet
11 It's Your Fault Nikki Keller Gary Burford Band
12 World Pequeno Antonio Felipe Sub Atomic Calling
13 Regret Tasha Darling Groove Revelation with Jane Wright
14 Taken For Granted Beau Braman The Redeemers
15 I Am Free Unknown Earl and the Reggae All-Stars
16 Grow Up to Go Down Kelli McIntosh Kelli McIntosh w/ the Way Milky Quintet
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